An open letter to Prez Akuffo Addo

Ivan Kyei Innocent writes……

Hello Mr. President, i’m a citizen of Ghana who is very much concerned about how this country has been managed since you took office, some 23 months ago and sir, in the spirit of statesmanship I employ you to take a critical notice of the issues raised in this letter because they reflect the concerns of majority of Ghanaians out there. Even though the content may invoke certain level of uneasy calm because the truth is always bitter but l can assure you that i was very meticulous in choosing my words because I respect the office you hold and again forgive me of my informal tone.

First of all, let me begin with the national cathedral brouhaha, i understand you have been instructed by some magicians cladded in cassocks masquerading as ‘men of god’ to build a National Cathedral as a spiritual requirement to save your second term bid in office as president and this explains the relentless efforts to rake down residencies for judges at a huge cost all in the name of building a National Cathedral but l can assure you, unless proper measures and policies are adopted to turn the economy around, even if you succeed in bribing the Pope to move St. Peter’s Basilica from the Vatican to the streets of Accra, the roaring levels of incompetence and the unending scandals of filthy corruption choking your government will definitely expose you to an embarrassing defeat come 2020. Mr. President as long as the prevailing trend of mismanagement and administrative malfeasance continue to fester
even if you build a church, mosque or shrine in every town, it can’t save you from history books as a single term president, a disappointed one of course.

You promised Ghanaians hope, you promised to give children and students a better future, business men were promised a convenient business environment that would inject efficiency into their business, Mr President, you promised to accelerate the pace of development in Ghana by moving away from taxation to industrialisation by spreading factories across the country but within 2 years, your engagement as president leaves much to be desired. 23 months down the lane, not even a corn mill machine is set up as a consolation for your deafening silence on honoring those promises, aside the usual comedy of adopting and rebranding of existing companies.
The promise of hope has turned out to be hopelessness, the future you promised our kids through the provision of free shs is now a disaster, as we speak your traffic light educational policy is aggressively threatening the quality of education for our kids, the financial sector is crippled, 7 banks have already collapsed and your nephew who is also your finance minister has given a good assurance that several banks would collapse in the coming days. Now fear has beclouded the minds of the business community and consequently many prefer to keep their monies under their pillows and in pits than the banks because of the recent spate of unceremonious takeover of banks by the Central Bank and other forms of financial crises ruining the banking sector in Ghana as results of the ongoing politics of vendetta by your close lieutenants poised to pull perceived political opponents out of business.

Mr. President, you promised a lean government but so far your government appears to be the largest under the 4th republic and unfortunately for us, you have appointed men and women who are driven by ego instead of intellect to drive the Ghana dream, we don’t need a soothsayer or a fortune teller to inform us that you have hit the failure button, undeniably you are on the verge of exposing or switching Ghana to an economic dysfunctional state. There are enough inconvertible facts or cases of higher evidential value to back this assertion but l leave it to discerning Ghanaians out there who are very likely to receive a leaked copy of this letter to make their own conclusion.

Mr. President, what happened to your promise to turn Ghana into the industrial hub of Africa, what about the one million dollar per constituency promise, or the one village one dam, what about the promise to supervise and run efficient national health insurance scheme, the promise to run a robust economy that is sustainable, a healthy economy with potentials to raise the living standards of Ghanaians above average, nothing seems to be working under your presidency but l don’t want to run into a facile conclusion that you have lost your mojo as president as we often say in our street convos.

“we are living on monies but we are hungry” pardon me if my rendition of comment you made prior to 2016 elections is inaccurately curved but l can say without equivocation or any shred of doubt on my mind that every Ghanaian understood what you meant when you happily uttered those words on a campaign platform. You were backed by your stylish economist Dr. Bawumia, the then running mate, who incessantly launched scathing attacks on the NDC and who also described former president John Mahama as a reckless borrower and incompetent leader but in two years, you haven’t given us any sign of showing us those monies but continue to position Ghana as a mortgage package ready for a take, no wonder China is wambling around our corridors.

Mr. president, my frustration is growing as i continue to type this letter, no wonder, i begun this paragraph with a small p, for president but i will not shut or relent my resolve to point to you the realities hanging on the minds of many Ghanaians under your presidency.

You promised not to borrow but that was a big lie, within two years your government has borrowed more than any government in its first two years in our political history, as we speak your government has borrowed almost 50 billion cedis, Ghana’s total debt stock in 2016 was 122.7 billion cedis. From the 2019 budget statement presented to parliament by your nephew, the finance minister, he told us in our faces that our total debt stock has ballooned to 170.8 billion dollars representing 70.8% of our GDP, a figure that contradicts what the IMF have on Ghana which is 71.2% of our GDP.
Suddenly our debt accumulation rate has exponentially gone up from the average of 1.62% between 2006- 2018 to 19.8% in 2018 indicating a rampant pace of borrowing in the year in question, everyone is borrowing, setting Ghana on a dangerous economic path. Ghana is in a debt crises, our debt to gdp ratio has reached a fever pitch, thanks to you, can we also equate the borrowing spree under your watch to a super-reckless borrower? sadly enough, in your case there’s nothing to show for those monies, unless maybe you are using those monies to build infrastructure in the spiritual world that some of us cannot see. The other gentlemen you labelled as incompetent and as a reckless borrower, in his case, at least Ghanaians saw the massive infrastructural undertakings he embarked on, by building hospitals, schools, roads and increased our energy generation capacity and many more, he didn’t spend loans and grants in the spiritual realm so we are begging if there’s any, bring those projects from the spiritual to the world of reality so that the suffering masses may have a taste of it.

It is abundantly clear that your government has lost its popularity, your political clout has hit dim, no wonder your Eastern regional tour turned out to be an embarrassing ordeal. Efforts to compensate for the embarrassing scenes by resorting to bussing pupils to fill the void created by the people of Eastern were not enough to insulate you from the fact that you were avoided by your own people. Again i’m told you were commissioning toilet facilities during your Eastern regional tour, the images surfaced on social media, i was bemused upon seeing those images and l asked myself , lf the one who commissioned Legon Medical facility, Ridge Hospital, Nkrumah interchange and several other multi-dollar facilities was referred to as incompetent, then how then would we refer to the commissioner chief of toilet facility?….l don’t have the answer, maybe you do.

Your struggle as president has taught me one lesson and that is, no matter how many times you repeat lies with the intent to deceive people, a time will come, you cannot repeat those lies anymore, that is the time truth will gracefully appear to dispel those lies no matter how long they have persisted. John Mahama was overly truthful with Ghanaians and you quickly took advantage of his stance for the truth and built enemy combatant of truth and raised an army of dishonest apostles of doom who invaded the country prior to your election as president and preached a message of hope built on lies and deceit, a hollow message of lies and propaganda, you knew those promises were not feasible, you even had no idea of how those plans would work in real terms, yet you aggressively chartered that path, now look at the way you are sweating, look at how the ordinary man is suffering because of those unreal bliss of hope you promised to offer and at this point, the courage to tell the people you are sorry is not there.
Mr. president it’s never too late, apologise to Ghanaians for playing on their intelligence, for crushing their hopes.
The magic of your Utopian bliss is no longer working because Ghanaians have now come into terms with reality, turn and tell the unrepented fanatic few who have surrounded you, l know majority of them are your family boys and girls but have the courage and tell them to be truthful with you henceforth and report to you the raw feelings of the masses and caution them against driving you into the annals of political perdition because that is where you are busily rushing to make Ghana an innocent victim and unpopular casualty.


source; Dispatch Newspaper

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